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“Defense is the father of invention.” Supporting companies in the fourth industrial revolution is our DNA. Our cyber security technology helps companies leverage their Intellectual Property and their data, so they can reach their potential. Vader Security is at the vanguard in defensive and offensive cyber security practices.

What makes us different:

We take the time to understand our client’s particular needs and then craft a solution that is effective in achieving those results. We bring decades of experience and understand how to help clients resolve vulnerabilities. Not only do we bring our clients into compliance, we strengthen our client’s systems, so they can win.

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Vader Security, LLC
White Mountains, New Hampshire USA

+1 603.369.4068
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Our Team

Chris Downs

Co-founder of Vader Security, LLC. Chris has spent well over 20 years in the security industry serving several large entities like, the "Federal Reserve", "Capital One, and "ChromeRiver Technologies" as senior security engineer. He currently possesses his OSCP, OSWE and OSWP. Chris is a BlackArch Linux team member and very active in the security community.

Alex Downs

Co-founder of Vader Security LLC. Alex has over 20 years of financial management experience. He is the founder of Ironsides Holdings; an investment company. Mr. Downs has experience growing technology companies and making investments in emerging market economies. He earned his MBA from Clark University in Massachusetts.