Pre Engagement;

During this initial pre-phase, Vader Security, LLC will outline the logistics of the test, expectations, legal implications, objectives and identify goals the industries would like to achieve. Contact us for a pre engagement discussion.


Reconnaissance or Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering is an important first step in penetration testing. Our pentetration testing team works on gathering as much intelligence on your organization and the potential targets for exploit.

Threat Modeling;

During the threat modeling and vulnerability identification phase, We identify targets and map the attack vectors. Any information gathered during the Reconnaissance phase is used to inform the method of attack during the penetration test.


With a map of all possible vulnerabilities and entry points, our pentration testing team begins to test the exploits found within your network, applications, and data. The goal is for the ethical hacker is to see exactly how far they can get into your environment, identify high-value targets, and avoid any detection.

Risk Analysis; Recommendations;

After the exploitation phase is complete, the goal is to document the methods used to gain access to your organization’s valuable information. Vader Security, LLC will determine the value of the compromised targets and any value associated with the sensitive data captured.


The findings and detailed explanations from the report will offer you insights and opportunities to significantly improve your security posture. The report will show you exactly how entry points were discovered. Data from the Threat Modeling phase as well as how you can remediate the security issues found during the Exploitation phase.



We specialize in high-risk and complex industries:

cyber security financial


We are experts in the financial services industry and our team has brought some of the largest banks into compliance. Vader Security brings deep domain experience in securing financial service companies.

cyber security retail


Whether your processing thousands of transactions a day or looking to ensure your everyday customers are protected when making online purchases. Vader Security has you covered.

cyber security state government

State and local Government

Vader Security works with municipalities to ensure cyber security across the entire organization. We also work with universities and other large public organizations, which rely on technology to carry out their daily operations.

cyber security technology


Vader Security is at the vanguard when it comes to preventing the C-to-C (Copy-to-China) models. Discover if your company has been infiltrated from within and how we can keep you on the high-growth fast track.

cyber security healthcare

Health Care

Hospitals and clinics have reams of sensitive data. Let Vader Security secure your systems.

cyber security manufacturing


Industry 4.0 is changing the way business is done. Call us to learn about Vader Security’s clean system verification process.

Why choose us ?

Our talented ensemble of renowned penetration testers each bring a unique skillset, which is hand tailored to secure your environment.

    Team Certifications:

  • CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional.
  • OSCP - Offensive Security Certified Professional.
  • OSWE - Offensive Security Web Expert.
  • OSCE - Offensive Security Certified Expert.
  • OSWP - Offensive Security Wireless Professional.
  • CRTE - Certified Red Team Expert.
  • CRTP - Certified Red Team Professional.
  • CDNA - Certified Network Defence Architect.
  • CCP - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.
  • CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker.
  • Others -

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